Lovelace Family Mediation, LLC

More and more people are choosing mediation as a means of resolving their differences. The courts are designed as an adversarial environment. Many people would like to avoid this as they seek to settle their differences in a respectful and emotionally safe environment. In fact, research has proven that the satisfaction people feel with their mediated agreements is reflected in the very low rate of these cases returning to court.

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What Is Mediation?

Mediation is a process where conflicting parties come together in a controlled and comfortable setting and with the help of a neutral party (mediator), discuss those issues that need to be resolved. This is a voluntary process which is confidential, and in many cases brings positive solutions that results in a better understanding by all.

It Is Not Litigation . . .

Unlike litigation, in mediation, both parties usually come away with positive results. And unlike litigation, where a Judge decides the case, in Mediation it is the parties who shape and decide the outcome!

Does Mediation Work?

Yes! In fact, over 85% of all mediations result in a settlement. Having a third party present controls the envrionment and directs the communications between the two parties. A mediator keeps the parties focused and helps explore productive avenues to settlement.